Friday, May 22, 2009

What a Year!

It is hard to believe the year is coming to an end. I am sorry for the delay on the updates, however life has been a bit chaotic the past few months. Here are a few photos to share from the latest things happening in my life.

Always time for Muddy!

My family celebrating my brother's graduation from UT with his Masters in Music Performance and Conducting.

Posing in The Land Lab

Mrs. Siravo's Class 2008-2009 posing in The Waterville Land Lab after the Kestrel release.

Nature's Nursery Release

What an honor it was to have Laura from Nature's Nursery release an animal back into nature. The Kestrel she release at Waterville Primary, was nursed back to health after it came to her with covered in oil. This is an example of only one of the hundreds of animals our donations help. This truly was an amazing experience for the students and teachers.

How to Make Smores

This year we have been working hard on writing paragraphs with alot of details. One activity we did was to write the directions on how to make s'mores. Afterwards I acted out the directions they students wrote to the classs. They learned that it is extremely important to use lots of details. Finally we ended the activity by making s'mores!

Pizza Party Fun!

THANK YOU ALL, for helping make our Global Postcard Contest a success. Our class won! We received 426 postcards from around the world. To celebrate we had a pizza party. Thank you Mrs. Blanker for helping us and supplying all the yummy desert pizzas.

Dandy Dirt Desert

Our Snazzy Snack for April was Dandy Dirt Desert, complete with gummy worms, NOT mealworms!

More Mealworms....


A close up of one of our classroom pets.

Zach searches for the perfect mealworm.
Which ones will they choose?

Lilly pokes holes in her habitat.

Wyeth is making sure enough air can get to his mealworm.

In Style

I guess I am hip to the latest styles in second grade!

How Many Jelly Beans Does that Weigh?

It was fun to learn how much Easter Candy weighs using Jelly Beans.

Dictionary Fun

We learned about the different parts of the dictionary including the guide words entry word, part of speech, pronunciation, and definition.

The students had to find which set of guide words they belonged to and put themselves in ABC order.

Homophone Egg Hunt

Hunting for Easter Eggs with matching homophones.

Cozy Up With a Treat

Kylie posing with Mrs. Thomas while the cookies were baking.

Reading in the cozy living room

Sydney & Camron waiting for their treats.
Kylie passing out the treats.
Alyssa & Kathryn are enjoying their books and treats.

Cozy Up With a Story

We also had the opportunity to wear our PJ's to school and bring our favorite stuffed animal to cozy up and read.